I was award a teaching award by students for my teaching in the first year bachelor course biodiversity! An amazing award and I’m humbled. Read more here.



Welcome on my personal website! My name is Constant Swinkels and that’s me taking a picture of Limodorum abortivum. I’ve been fascinated by nature ever since I was a kid. Currently, I’m a PhD-candidate and Lecturer at the Experimental Plant Ecology group at Radboud University studying plant-pollinator interactions. If you want to learn more about me, visit the ‘About’ page!


My PhD research focusses on the interaction between vegetation and insects – and more specifically flowers and their pollinators. In the current era of insect decline we are looking for ways to restore pollinator populations. Although there are many haphazard attempts, we are only beginning to understand the complext mechanisms behind


I’m passionate about teaching. In 2019 I started teaching (the flora part of) the biodiversity course at the Radboud University. In this part, I’ll share my experiences on teaching – especially regarding new teaching methods, tools and assignments.

Photography - Travel

Whenever I go outside, I’m sure to take my camera with me. I’ve been taking nature photo’s for a long time now and am happy to share some results on my website! Multiple photo’s have been published by now and I’m always happy to contribute my photo’s for free (with name).

Ecological Services

In 2019 I founded ‘Constant Swinkels Ecological Services’. At first for work projects, now that I’m on a contract for hobby jobs (e.g. writing books for the Crossbill Guides Foundation). If you have a small job and need an enthusiastic naturalist, don’t hesitate to contact me!

News & Blog

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